Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Coming Winterfest

We say goodbye to the Harvest Festival this week. It was great fun and wonderfully cheerful weather as the leaves reflected gold brilliance back to the sun that set them alight, but soon we will look forward to Winterfest and the amazing magic that comes from it year after year.

It's still autumn though, so it still means guests with Cove Mountain will be seeing, breathing and absorbing miles and miles of fall colors and autumnal bliss here in Wears Valley! Nothing put thats haunting yet serene feeling of comfort into your body like a luxury cabin that views out to the stretches of misty and mystical Smoky Mountains. Pigeon Forge isn't far away either, so when it comes time for the big Winterfest switch (November 9th) you'll only be about 15 minutes driving from Patriot Park where the festivities will be going on!

Keep checking back with us as we offer new updates and specials and items of interest. There's more coming up soon; don't miss it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pigeon Forge Harvest Festival

The colors will be here any minute. Everywhere you look across the distances in town you can see the mountains stretch and revolve around you. Most of the time its dark green or brown/gray, but for a brief period of time, it's almost every color you can imagine springing and bursting for a final hurrah before the mountain floors become littered with them.

Take great advantage of this time to come to Pigeon Forge where the modern culture meets with the cultures of yesteryear to bring you the city-wide celebration of Harvest Festival. Dollywood celebrates with a fervent splendor by having the month-long Southern Gospel and Harvest Festival where you can see all kinds of crafts and listen to hundreds of performances by the best Southern Gospel groups in the country!

To get to where all the action is, just drive a scenic 15-minute drive through Wears valley (one of the major epicenters of the color explosions every year) to get to Pigeon Forge. If you want to enjoy the colors with as little hassle as possible - just stay right where you are or stay right with us here at Cove Mountain. We chose Wears Valley as the perfect place for Cove Mountain for its peace, quiet, and incredible saturation of the mountains around us.

Make those reservations today because people come from all over the world to see the leaves change color here in the mountains. Don't wait until its too late!