Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day for Cove Mountain

If you've never taken your sweetie on a cabin retreat here in the Great Smoky Mountains, you truly have no idea what you're missing! The Smoky Mountains have long been a haven for Valentine's Day romantic getaways for decades (and likely even longer) and year-round too.

Let Cove Mountain be the threshhold you cross as you enter the Smokies for your getaway needs. Our cabins have the fireplaces you want to curl up alongside, the hot tubs and jacuzzis you want to soak inside, and all the luxuries you come to expect here in East Tennessee.

And if you can't make it for Valentine's Day, consider another season for your romantic getaway needs - Spring for when things begin anew (and perfect weather), Summer is hot and full of fun, Fall for when you want it to cool down and soak in Smoky Mountain atmosphere and Winter for Smoky Mountain magic. For any time and any season, Cove Mountain is where you want to be for the perfect romantic getaway.

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