Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Winterfest After the Holidays

It's that time of the year when it's not really a time of the year at all - the big holidays are over with, the mountains are bare, and things are quiet for the most part until mid-March... but don't go thinking that this some sort of despondent time for the Smokies. The low traffic and even lower temperatures afford those who choose to come out the opportunity to enjoy East Tennessee at it's most solemnly dignified. No color in the hills, but they project a haunting beauty all the same, and the atmosphere lends itself well to romantic getaways and vacations you couldn't take during the holidays because the holidays themselves were no holiday at all!

Such are just a few examples of why you should consider a trip to the Smoky Mountains here in January. If you'd like some more, consider the following:

1. We currently have low traffic, low prices for gas ($1.65 as of current) and many places in town running specials for their attractions or restaurants. Alamo Steakhouse and Bennetts BBQ run B1G1 free specials for this month, just for starters.

2. Romantic bliss in all the air - from the peaks on down to the valleys, there is a stillness to the ambiance in the mountains that makes one reflective, introspective, and finally amorous to their romantic partner. If the bare mountain in the distance holding up the snow-capped peaks in the distance while the the quiet, crisp winter air blows over you doesn't make you feel like baring your soul to your partner and to nature herself, nothing will.
3. We have plenty of luxury Smoky Mountain cabins waiting for you here at Cove Mountain Resort! Anywhere from 1 bedroom to 7 right here in Wears Valley between Pigeon Forge and Townsend, TN (some cabins are even pet-friendly!)

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